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Josh had been out celebrating. It was his sixteenth birthday, and he had just gotten his driver's license. For the first time he drove without an adult in the car, only his sister, Chris, a year younger than he, was with him. They rounded a corner; Josh wasn't paying as much attention as he should, he had come this way almost every day for years, the route was natural to him. But still, there was something wrong. Josh heard the oncoming car first. Then saw it through his rear window. The driver was weaving erratically in the road. First he was on one side of the road, then the other. Josh braked desperately, but he was too late. The last thing he felt was the crash that shook the car, leaving both him and Chris stunned.

But then he looked around. There was something strange happening. Around him, he could see flames, and the half-opened airbags, but neither the flames were dancing, nor were the airbags inflating. Time seemed to have stopped. And he and Chris were unhurt, or so it seemed.

"Are we dead, Josh?" Chris asked him, worry audible in her voice.

"I… don't know…" his voice faltered. "Surely this isn't right, is it? Could it be?" As he surveyed the eerie situation inside, he could see something moving. Coming toward the automobile from the drivers side was a man, tall and clad in a monk's brown habit. The man reached the car and opened the door.

"Come, come. Hurry. You must leave. Quickly," he said, but despite the seeming urgency of his words, his tone was flat and without emotion.

Puzzled, Chris turned to Josh. He motioned his head over towards the man and began to clamber out. Then he noticed another oddity, the car had fallen onto its side, almost, but instead of falling was teetering on two wheels. The man motioned towards the woods nearby, and the siblings followed.

Once the three had gained the shelter of the woods, time returned to it's normal speed. The monk made a motion of his hands, and the car exploded. "We do not need to explain the bodies now," he said as conversationally as before; goosebumps formed on Josh's arms.

The monk continued deeper into the forest.

"Um, sir," Chris quavered, "thank you very much, for saving us, I mean." The monk obviously did not hear her, but walked on. Josh and Chris exchanged a puzzled glance, then went after him.

By the way, Chris is female. And she's going to do more later on. This is just the intro. It kinda speeds up more in later chapters. Well, it does. And the later chapters are much better in my opinion.

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