Hey, I had it uploaded, so here's the third chapter. Don't know why I didn't notice this earlier. Anything I may have said earlier still stands...

The right door had just closed when the left was opened, and a woman walked through it. She was very short, with long brown hair that reached to her feet, brown eyes, and olive skin. She entered and stood just within the doorframe.

"You're one of the new ones, are you?" she said, but continued on when Josh tried to respond. "Well, you may have the keep in a tizzy, but not me." The woman stared at his efforts to speak. "What is it, boy, have you not got the wits you were born with?"

Josh, again, tried to speak, but she steamrolled over his words. "I'm to be one of your trainers here. My name is Ariadne. The one who brought you is called Francis. He will be your other trainer. You will be trained in control, in delicate manipulation, and in careful consideration of consequence, cause, and effect."

Finally, she paused long enough to allow Josh to talk, "but what am I supposed to be doing?"

Ariadne was about to answer, but Chris peeked her head in through the left hand door. "Come on, Josh! Francis is going to show us this place!"

Josh stared more than a little. "Didn't that door lead to her room… or am I imagining things?"

Ariadne laughed a little. "No, no, no. Hm, it's as good a time as any for your first lesson. All rooms in the keep are connected, but you can only leave a room through the right door, and you enter with the left. To go where you want, you need only focus on a place in your mind. You'll find that will power is most important around here. So come on." And she quickly went through the right door, leaving Josh to come after her. As he left, he could not but wonder what happened if one went the other way.

Ariadne and Josh met with Francis and Chris in the hallway just outside. "Come." Francis commanded, and took the two on a long, drawn out tour.

After a couple of hours, they had begun to drag behind Francis and Ariadne. They had seen similar variations on the first scene, beings seated in front of terminals, staring intently at the screen. Their tutors had had no intention of explaining. The places had begun to meld together in their minds, until they were dazed and confused, and could take in no more information. The one thing that they had noticed, there was no place for food, nor were there privies. The keep was bare of such necessities. Normally this would have interested the teenagers greatly, but this just barely managed to penetrate their stupor.

As they walked along another interminable corridor, Josh suddenly staggered. As he fell, his hand reached for a support. The nearest he found, a door knob, the weight of his falling body managed to open it, and he fell through it. The door closed with a click. Chris stared at it. It was a left door.