There's no turning back

My life's a one way street

I wish some things could change

The things I've done, the people I meet

I wish people could see

How I feel inside

I want them to understand

The bright side of me hasn't died

But there are things that have happened

That make my intent hard

People wont forget what I've done

Their minds are forever scarred

I dont need you to like me

I just want to let you all know

I haven't changed; I'm still the same

As I was so many years ago

I can't help what I do

It's impossible to stop

I walk by, people run and hide

They can't see inside. They see only what's on top.

I need you to know

I'm truly a nice guy

I'm not obssessed with pain and suffering

I believe life is beautiful; I don't want to die

I may never know

But maybe one day, people will see

I'm really not the way I seem

There's a loving side of me