It started when he let me down,

He fell for a friend,

The number one rule,

He brought it to an end.

Then in my face he had to rub,

The reason why he left,

Love is never enough,

And it wasn't my love he kept.

So I had to let that one go,

And although it hurt so much,

Out of the blue came another,

Who gave a special touch.

He helped me through the pain,

Which I thought would never end,

Yet then I feel for him,

We became more than just friends.

And again I was happy,

Another smile to my face,

We became loving lovers,

But then came the days.

I new he was leaving,

Fading away,

His love for me had broken,

In our past it did lay.

I struggled to hold on,

For he had helped me through so much,

The very thought of him parting,

To loose that special touch.

But I new I had to let go,

So let go I did,

To a corner I took him,

And made him just a friend.

Yet I still loved him so,

And everyone new,

I really thought he was the one,

But in love you can't choose.

Four days after this event,

Another came to haunt,

Friend just have to push the boundaries,

She never really thought.

She kissed him right in front of me,

And in my bed room they went,

That just shows the respect they have,

So much for a friend.

But then she ends it,

So she hurts both of us,

Not even an apology,

It was because she was drunk.

Then in front of my face,

Yet again,

He goes out with an ex,

I can't even say her name.

She tosses him around,

And although he hurt me,

I stand by him,

Not wanting it to be.

He finally ends that,

But then guess what,

He falls for the same person,

Who ended my last relationship.

So I sit there still,

Another memory,

Am I never good enough,

For what I want to be?

I still stick by him,

No matter what he says,

I feel I am worthless,

But it'll be worth it in the end.

Something's you can forgive,

Yet you can never forget,

So this is my story,

of what they did.