I kept on going back to you,

Even though it hurt,

For I had gotten to the point,

Where I didn't care if I was burnt.

I kept on hearing promises,

That I new you'd break,

Yet I still held on to hope,

With every single day.

I held a war inside my heart,

I new it had to break free,

But it had a lock upon it,

And only you had the key.

My soul was trapped within a rage,

Too many emotions took grip,

Just a simple heartbreak,

Is what made it first slip.

Don't say those words around my ears,

For they are as empty as trust,

Don't say that word around me,

You know we only had lust.

Don't pretend that you do care,

And don't wipe away these tears,

You're the one who started them

You gave me a new fear.

You gave me something to hate at night,

To see within my dreams,

Something that makes me shiver,

Something that shouldn't be.

I run from any sight of it,

And of any gesture to me,

But I also run towards,

Hoping it might be.

But what's the point in chasing a dream,

When it never would come true,

I might as well lay to rest,

For I refuse to wait for you.

I refuse to sit by and hope,

For what may never be,

I'm to scared of the outcome,

Of more tears that may bleed.

So this is where I say goodbye,

I'll set my boat to sail,

You may think life is hard,

But with love I always fail.

By Siobhan

Date: 21/November/2004