"You saw it all?"

She remained quiet on the hospital bed, left arm wrapped in bandage. The loudspeaker called out for Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith, you're needed in the emergency room 2 now. She stared at the bouquet of carnations in the transparent glass vase on the table in front of her.

"Maybe you're not ready to talk yet. That's fine, we'll leave now. We'll come back tomorrow," the guy said. He motioned the rest of the people in the room to follow him as he exited.

The mother, sitting on a chair at the side of her bed, sighed. She looked sad and disappointed. A tear rolled down her cheeks. The man, who was her husband, walked towards her and gave her a hug to comfort her and she broke down in tears.

The girl remained quiet on the bed, staring at the flowers. The disturbing images were all coming back to her as if they were real… as if it was happening again. Without realizing, tears started rolling down her pink cheeks. She took a deep breath.

If only I could turn back the time…