Chapter 2

The pink phone rang. It took Lindsey a few minutes to answer the phone as she was taking a shower in the bathroom. With her hair dripping wet and her naked body wrapped only in white towel, she answered the phone and it turned out to be Kelly.

"Hey girl, I want to go shopping tomorrow. Wanna come? Urgh, I need to get some new shoes, new clothes…"

"Yeah, sure. I need to find some books on Shakespeare anyway," replied Lindsey.

"On what?"

"Shakespeare… A Midsummer Night's Dream to be exact. I'm auditioning for that play on Monday so I want to get to know the characters more."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"I know, I'm just saying," said Lindsey, laughing a bit. She started to shiver out of coldness. The light pink carpet was wet from the water dripping from her hair.

"Ok, I should get ready to go out with Nick. He asked me out to dinner!" said Kelly excitedly.

"So it's official now? You and him?"

"No way. He's a rich football player, hot… I'm just having fun with him. Screw all the getting serious thing," responded Kelly. "Well, see you tomorrow!" and Lindsey heard the sound of a 'click' as Kelly hung up the phone.

They met as planned the next day to go shopping. Lindsey turned up at the mall where another of her cheerleader friend, Jacqui and Kelly's friend Anna were waiting for them at a café, sipping hot chocolate. She greeted them and joined them for a cup of hot chocolate before they would go shopping.

"Hey, that girl kinda looks familiar," said Jacqui all of a sudden.

"Oh my god, check that out! It's that freak Tanya with that freak Michael," Kelly said in a surprised tone.

"Leave them alone Kelly," Lindsey said.

"Oh my, is she going out with that freak?

"Well, yeah… since two weeks ago," Lindsey answered.

Kelly arched her right eyebrow. It was obvious that she was surprised to hear that. "Oh my god, no way! I thought Michael is gay and that Tanya is actually a lesbo! How did you know?"

Lindsey lifted her cup and took a sip of the hot chocolate. She placed the cup back on the table and stared at Kelly for a few seconds before answering her question. "She's my study buddy… for A Midsummer Night's Dream play that I told you last night."

Kelly gave Lindsey a mixed expression of confused and disbelief.

"Audition is two days away. I needed a study buddy."

The confused and disbelief look remain plastered on Kelly's face. She didn't say a word and that make Lindsey wondered what she was thinking.

"What?" Lindsey asked.

"No, it's just funny that I just heard that from you. You're supposed to like boys like I do, not being in a stupid play that's suitable for nerds only."

"Fine… I'm a nerd then." She didn't want to argue because she knew that it would be pointless.

"No, you're a cheerleader! Okay, can we just drop the subject?" Kelly said in frustration. "Finish your drink and let's go shopping before I get upset!"

The rest of the girls just exchanged looks with each other but remained quiet most of the time for the rest of the day.

- - -

"So are you nervous?"

The voice from behind surprised the nervous Lindsey and she quickly turned around to see that a guy was standing in front her holding a book which looked like the script of the play. He had wavy blonde-ish hair that's not too short or too long and tall; maybe about 5'8 or so. She didn't know who he was nor she has ever talked to him before and it surprised the heck out of her.

"I'm sorry, but do I know you?" she asked curiously. Her eyes were fixed on him.

"Oh, where are my manners?" he chuckled nervously. "The name's Doug. I'm auditioning for the play. I'm hoping to get the part of Demetrius. Are you auditioning for the play too?"

She smiled. "Yeah. Well I am a bit nervous."

Doug smiled at her. "Sorry that I interrupted you. I'll leave you alone now and I'm going to go backstage to meet my friend. Later," and he left her alone after he gave her a smile. She just stared at him walking away until he disappeared, smiling before Tanya appeared out of nowhere and sat next to her.

"Let's do this and get it over with," she said.

The audition went well for both of them. Even for Doug who barely made any mistakes on his lines. They were told that the result of the audition would be posted in the next two days and they could hardly wait. Lindsey and Tanya spent the rest of the day at the shopping mall together.

They spent some times together for the next two days. The result came out after lunch hour and those who auditioned gathered at the notice board to see if they got a part. Some left with a sad face for not getting the part they had hoped for, some were just thrilled to even get a part in the play and some were just happy to be the stage crew.

"Congratulations… Hermia!" said Lindsey to Tanya, smiling.

She returned the smile and said, "Congratulations to you too, oh fair Helena!"

"Oh! Doug got the part he wanted… Demetrius!"

"Who's Doug?" asked Tanya.

"The guy who auditioned for the part of Demetrius."

Tanya had no idea who she was talking about but they both just giggled and left for the next class. They were just excited to start rehearsing for their part where they would even spend more time together to rehearse and to have fun at the same time. Eventually, Tanya introduced Michael and her other friend, David to Lindsey and the four of them would spend their free time practicing lines with Michael and David helping them with Demetrius and Lysander's lines.

It annoyed Kelly and the rest of the cheerleaders when Lindsey had barely any time for them anymore since she got a part in the play. She would spend most of her time with Tanya, Michael, David and even Doug before, during and after school.

Until one morning when Kelly couldn't accept her friend ignoring her anymore, she went to the table where Lindsey, Tanya, Michael, David and Doug were sitting, having their lunch and decided to talk to them.

"So this is where Linz would hang out now with these… people," Kelly glared at everybody at the table as she stood behind Lindsey. "So nice to see that our friend is now spending more time with these – people instead of spending more time with the cool crowds," Kelly continued. She noticed that Michael was ignoring her. Instead, he was busy observing the crowded cafeteria and jotting something in his notebook. David was busy observing the crowds too and he kept whispering in Michael's ear and Tanya however was staring at Kelly out of confusion.

"I was thinking… maybe all of you would like to come to my party next Saturday night?" she asked, smiling. She didn't notice that the rest of the cheerleaders behind her were staring at her, confused.

Tanya kept staring at her face in disbelief that she had just heard that from Kelly. However, she couldn't tell if she was being serious about it or was just playing around. It sounded weird that the head cheerleader who had never talked to them before would invite them to her party where all the 'cool' crowds would be.

"Why would you want to invite us?" Tanya asked suspiciously. "And shouldn't you be teasing and insulting me right now instead of inviting us to your stupid party?"

Kelly turned to look at Tanya. "Well, since now you're Lindsey's friends, so you're our friends too," she pretended to smile. She patted Lindsey's shoulders and asked her to convince them to come.

"Yeah! Come on, it'll be fun!" Lindsey tried to convince them to come because she thought Kelly was being serious about wanting to be friends with them now. No more teasing, no more insulting and no more bullying from Kelly.

Tanya hesitated to accept but after a while, Lindsey succeeded in convincing her to come. Unfortunately, David and Michael didn't want to join them with no reasons given as to why they didn't want to join.

Kelly smirked, "See you next Saturday night," and walked back to their table.

"We didn't know you're having a party next week?" asked Jacqui. "Oh what, so now the Goths or nerds get to know about the party before us?"

She smirked menacingly. "There wasn't going to be any party until now."

The cheerleaders stared at each other and then grinned.