I'm a man with no future

Searching for a past

These bits of memories flash back to me

I can't make them out; they're moving so fast

I can't remember

I've forgotten my name

My birthday is a mystery now

Everything begins to look the same

My childhood's gone

It's vanished from my mind

And it all just keeps going

All the wonderful things I'm leaving behind

It's all slipping through my fingers

My family is faceless now

My friends all left to be forgotten

I cant stand it anymore! I've got to end it!....But how?

I can barely see anymore

My universe has slipped through

I reach for the closest thing I can find

I put it to my eyes. It's a picture of you.

It all comes back

I'm as I was before

I have to tell you something

I can't hide it anymore.

You've saved my life

You've made it all seem so true

I can be the way I used to be

And that's because I love you