"The Mask"

(also in Her Girl)

You've made mistakes.

You thought I lied when I said everione does.

So you ran awai.

And in your place is a void,

Wearing your smile, having your eyes, tasting your lips.

We all make mistakes.

And I tried too hard to bring you back.

Jumped at everi chance, and just scared you awai.

You ran faster.

Are you back yet?

"One Year"

I'll wait forever for you and no one else.

I've changed, but not too much-

You've turned into someone else.

And I waste all the ink I have,

Savoring memories.

All your memories.

Thei all knew better.

But I'm still here, waiting for a miracle.
Because I feel helpless in this slow death.

I'm no longer who you loved…

But it realli doesn't matter.

"You can't"

Writhing, churning; last time I saw you.
Heaving, burning; last time I loved you.

Find a wai into everithing we cannot be.

I don't believe in you animore.


Gasping, bleeding; first time I had you.

Laughing, screaming; last time I asked you.