Why must I constantly told
that this love I feel for you is wrong?
How come the world gets to decide
what I can and cannot feel?
Are they so holy that they can judge me?
Have they never committed a sin?
Can they really be that pure?
What gives them the right
to deem this as sinful?

Only I know what I feel inside
theycannot possibly understand
the love that is bursting in my heart
if they could even comprehend
one ounce of this feeling I have inside
theycould not judge me
Theywould not judge me
theywould understand that what I feel
is the same as what they feel

Theywould realize that their way
is not necessarily the right way
They would finally see the fault
in their self-righteous ways
and maybe just maybe they would stop
Stop judging me and everyone like me
and realize that we arejust likethem
our differences are so miniscule
We feel justasthey do and we love just as much

I understand that theycan never
know exactly what it is
that I feel in my own heart
but maybe they could try
and at least understand that
it is not their job
to judge me
or the millions of others
just like me