Moon beams seemed to bright up even the darkest part of the darkened park. In the hidden white gazebo in the center of the park was an angel child, around the age of 16. Her light brown eyes shone lightly than any other as tears fell from her eyes. She used her bright white wings to wipe her crystal tears away as she hoped no one would find her on such a night. She began to look up at the cloudy night sky, wondering why she was cast down from heaven and she did nothing wrong. She just fell in love with her people's most hated enemy and because of that, she was thrown away like yesterday's old news. As her pure white spaghetti strap dress clung to her body, it started to rain, almost as if the weather was mimicking her emotions. Suddenly, she heard a twig crunch in the background as soon moved to hide herself, not ready for the judgement of others because of what she was. It was then she heard his voice. "Love, please don't run away," he whispered his low husky voice. "James, is that you?" she asked as her body began to shake from both fright and the cold atmosphere. "It's me Melissa. I'm so sorry that this happened," he said running to her side, holding her in his strong arms. He turned to look at her with his demon red eyes as he tried to calm her down. "It's not your fault," she whispered back. "We broke the number one rule that both of our people follow but at least now we have each other. Now we only have to follow this world's rules." He stared into her eyes, gently kissing her forehead as he pulled her into his lap. "Two creations that we're to be sworn enemies and only express hate to each other... yet we fell in love. How did we end up here?" he asked, whispering into her ear. "I don't know but I have no regrets," she whispered back as they both enjoyed the night sky. At least now they were free to love each other. Their forbidden love would be able to flourish. -written by Beverley