As I slowly walked through the snowstorm, I looked up to the black sky and sighed deeply. The time was around midnight, the time that the moon and stars seemed to shine the brightest. I did wonder why he asked me to come out into the middle of the woods at midnight. Why not earlier in the day? Not to mention the fact that it was snowing, and extremely cold. But no amount of warmth in this cold winter would comfort me right now. Not with how terrified I was.


Right away I turned my gaze downward. Instantly, brown eyes were burning into mine. There it was; the reason that I was afraid to come tonight. Every time he glared at me, my blood froze, and I wanted to turn and run the other way. I wanted to scream and hope that he would run away. But that was the effect that he had on me, I couldn't run even if I really truly wanted to. Something always kept me there by his side, even after the hell that he put me through. I just couldn't leave.

"Why are you late Casey? I've been waiting here for 25 minutes." He paused for a moment before continuing with a dark smirk on his face. "Were you with someone else? A woman, perhaps? Are you going straight on me Casey?" He asked.

My palms began to sweat, and my arms were shaking uncontrollably. My lips were forming to the words that I wanted to speak, but there was no sound. I couldn't make up an excuse; he was too smart for that. And last time I tried to make something up, I immediately regretted it. So, what choice did I have but to tell the complete truth? As I was weighing out my options, and their consequences, I finally made up my mind to tell the complete truth.

"N-no…I-I was…-"

"You were what, Casey?" He asked irritably.

"I…I was scared…" I said softly as I looked back down at the snow covered forest floor.

After only a few moments of silence, I could hear a soft chuckle that sent shivers up my spine. Then as I looked up, I saw him walking back to me holding something in his hands. Of course with it being dark, I had no clue in my mind whatsoever what the object was. At least not until the moons raise shone down on the object's edge, sending a bright reflection into my eyes. As much as you would think this would cause me to squint, my eyes widened with pure horror.

'I-is that a knife? Again?! What did I do?!'

"J-Jeremy, w-why do you have th-that?" I stuttered.

"This is what happens when you even think about avoiding me, Casey…"

"B-but I wasn't going to avoid you…I…I was just hesitating…that's all."

"Is that so?" He asked sarcastically.

"Yes. I would never try and leave…"

He smiled some before tossing the knife, and letting it sink into the pure white snow. Then he slowly stepped over to me before pressing his lips to mine. I was going to pull away to say something, but as soon as I made a move to do so, he bit my tongue. I should have known better than to interrupt something like this when he's actually in a good mood. So I just let him continue so his good mood would last longer than it usually does. Then just maybe I could go a day without a new physical and emotional scar.

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