Step By Step Guide to War When You Are a Teenager


Welcome to the ultimate guide to waging war, when you are only intenth grade. The ultimate goal of this guide is to help you on your way to war, world domination, and world destruction and just about anything else that can be achieved by waging war on it.

There is no precise art to war no matter how many books you write about the art, because there is none. There is tactic, strategy and that entire complicated military planning and then you have the simple head on, offensive way. The semi-ultimate goal of this guide is also to show you how being dumb and head-strong do win wars.

And lastly, the goal, not the ultimate goal or semi-ultimate goal, but just the goal of this book is to get revenge on people you hate, start a food fight, hack into school computer system, destroy the science lab, wreck the gym, build a catapult for history class and catapult rocks at the school and enjoy your tenthyear without regret, because everything is going help the war effort.