Broken glass lying under fallen leaves,

shining slightly in the bed of orange,

dying and changing, with each breath

that the wind takes, stolen from the tree-

now bare and naked, freezing

as the autumn strips the tree more.

Leaves race across the sidewalk,

chasing the summer as it runs away,

singing the only song they know

with that crinkling laughter all around.

Shattered pieces fall away, into the mud

that tempted those leaves to jump in

to follow that window of once-upon-a-time

and trapping those guillible leaves.

Snowflakes fall as the leaves wither,

no longer the brilliant colors of fure

but sharing the mud for a face

as autumn followed summer

and winter arrives with its icy grasp

pulling everything into its way,

never relenting on the broken leaves,

dead and in pieces, with each step,

that tried to leave from winter's stare.