I claim I love you,
I am not sure if I do.
It hurts to love you.
My mind plays tricks on me,
And I am not sure what to do.
All I want is your happiness,
But I can't guarantee it.
I am not sure if you love me.
I cry for you,
Not sure what to do.
I think I love you.
This frightens me.

There is no way
You or anyone else,
Will ever need me.
As I seem to need you.
You aren't the first, I loved,
But I repeat the same pattern always,
I feel stupid.
Not sure what to do.
Because I don't think
You will ever love me.
I assume you hate me.
I know its not true.
I assume you might love me,
But that breaks my heart.

We are both too unstable,
I am more unstable than you,
But I wish for freedom,
From the things that scare us,
In each others arms,
But I don't see this happening,
So, my love, my friend,
I wish you happiness,
And hope you can find it,
Though I am not sure well,
And I know it won't be
From me.