Perfect trust and perfect love are in a child's heart

Gifts as bright as stars above that never will depart

There's something hidden deep inside that a child's smile set's free

Hearts will soar to touch the sky, defying gravity.

Joy unrestrained and innocence touch us with delight

Expressions soft and full of love, like moonbeams, gentle, light

Lives so full of ceaseless play, so blissful and carefree

Imagination flying high, defying gravity.

Clouds drift through a sunlit sky in a child's mind, serene

Young eyes survey a utopian world where all's just as it seems

Minds untouched so full of hope and sweet simplicity

Dreams shine bright, like heaven's stars, defying gravity.

Swift seasons bring the tides of change, leaving childhood behind

Games and laughter are exchanged for the nurture of the mind

Innocence surrendered in order to find social identity

Inspiration seeks the stars, defying gravity

The need to fly high on childhood wings, denied by gravity