I could be Vile, I could be lovely

I could be vile.

I could be lovely.

I could slither

and surround you in hate


because I could.

I could smile

and simply love you in spite of all that you have done.

I could be deadly

I could give you life.

I could be just like you

curling myself around my lover

and suck them dry

of all of the love

and happiness

that they feel.

I could speak loudly.

I could sit quietly.

I could be angry.

I could be polite about it.


my need

to see you bleed dry on this page tonight

out ways

my nature.

Your wrong if you thought that I'd let you take over




what I am,


this stupid




that you want

against you

to kiss you

and milt you

with a politeness

that would keep us in separate beds at night.

I could be magical.

I could be practical.

I could be nothing like you

and let it go



Plunge yourself into as many women as you want

but please come home each night

to pepper me with a fake-kind of love

that could keep me cooking your dinners for years.

I could be alarming.

I could be charming.

And disarm

my words tonight.

I am a women

underneath my femininity

lashing out tonight

with you in my way

at every turn.

Let go!

I could be numb.

I could be pain ridden.

but I'll never stoop to your level;

strip myself

inside the whirlwind

of being 19-years-old

and in the arms of a man

old enough to be my father

and allow him

to take hold of my breasts

and feel contented,

call me baby

inside my need to be both




I could be ruthless.

I could be hopeless.

But time is passing me by

tonight with you on my mind

and your ways of hurting me




into my soul.

I could be vile

and I could be lovely

but I could never be with you again.