Just thought you may want to know how many people died as a result of the recent wars that have been shamefully initiated by America and shamefully backed by Britain et al. Note Britain, not England, there is more than one country in that shithole, although it is the best shithole in the world, God Bless the Queen etc.

A report into the number of excess Afghan deaths up to March 2002 put the death toll at approximately 3,767. When there were differing casualty figures available for an incident, in 90 of cases the lowest figure was chosen, the report also omits those killed indirectly when air strikes cut off their access to hospitals, food or electricity. Also exempt are bomb victims who later died of their injuries. Unsurprisingly, experts have called this "a very, very conservative estimate" with the real death toll estimated by some at around 3,700-5,000, with some even estimating in excess of 8,000 deaths. Since then the amount of deaths is very unclear, with the amount of indirect deaths almost impossible to estimate, one clear figure is that the number of deaths from political violence is up to 957 for 2004 alone. The total number of Afghan deaths in excess of those who would have died under the Taliban, if we factor in the approximate 100 US servicemen who died is between 4,757 and 6,057, with 9,057 a possible death toll according to certain sources. Please note that this only includes the periods fro the start of the war to March 2002 and from the start of the year 2004 to present day.

Within Iraq, the number of deaths is hard to put exact an exact number to. The amount of deaths that are certain are 186 contractors killed and 1,363 military personnel deaths, taking into account all coalition nationalities. This gives us a confirmed death count of 1,549 before Iraqi deaths are even estimated. There are several differing reports of the number of civilian deaths within Iraq, some of the more modest reports of those who died directly as a result of military action place the deaths between 14-37,000 dead. If we use the more modest reports then this gives us a death-toll of between 15,549 and 38,549 dead. However, there has been one much respected Lancet report giving the number of additional deaths compared to the normal death toll in Iraq as in excess of 100,000 people more than under Hussein, this death toll includes all indirect deaths. This could give us a death toll of 101,549 more deaths after the war than would have died during this period under Saddam Hussein.

These are massive numbers of people that we are dealing with, with the combined direct casualty death toll being between 20,306 and a possible 47,606. If we attempt to factor in all deaths both direct and indirect then the figure of extra deaths looks more like a staggering 110,606 people!

As a result of President Cheney, sorry, I mean President Bush's "foreign policy" as many as 110,606 more people have died than normal in two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. One hundred and ten thousand, six hundred and sixty six people!

110,606 people with families, livelihoods, friends, husbands, wives, parents, children and siblings!

Why are the people responsible for these atrocities not being made to pay for the destruction that they have wrecked? I'll tell you why, it is because some people want tax cuts and don't think that gay people should have the basic right s afforded to human beings. One hundred and ten thousand, six hundred and sixty six people died for these reasons, note the word people! These are not mere statistics; these are real people who have died for no crime!

Don't get me wrong, I think that both regimes were of questionable morality, but, done in this way the means (the deaths of 110,606 people) does not justify the end, and I don't think that anyone can really say that it does.

110,606 people!

Hell, if this many people have died then we should declare the regime responsible a threat to world peace and bomb the fuck out of it!

Don't give me any of the "dying for freedom" shite, How about I massacre your friends and family in the name of "freedom", see how happy you are with it.

Cheers, see you next time.

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