Sometime later, Lloyd sat with his son Vincent, eating a sandwich on a bench in a city not too far from the burial grounds. In front of them was an elegantly carved marble fountain, in the center of the town.

Almei floated into view, on the other side of the fountain, settling herself on the other bench. She set a wicker basket of lunar flowers down beside her. The long flowing white hair spilled down her back, as she shook her head. A single ivory feather fell from her folded wings.

"Hey, dad, check out that chick over there." Vincent said motioning to Almei.

"I don't look at chickens." said his father gazing at the fountain.

"Fine, fine. Father, look at that girl over there..." Vincent revised, rolling his eyes.

Lloyd shifted his view, raising a brow as he looked at Almei, " Actually, I've met her once before."


"Oh, please..." said Lloyd in response to his son's excited reaction.

"Ah, c'mon dad, it's a man-to-man talk..." Vincent said grinning.

"We're not going to talk like this until you're 500..." Lloyd says rolling his eyes.

"But Dad!! I'm only 50!" Vincent whines, "That's 350 years down the road!"


Almei chuckles softly to herself, and gently puts a hand over her mouth.

"You know what! I'm just gonna go ahead and talk to her." Vincent stands up, beginning to walk away.

"Ah, no, no!" Lloyd says quietly.

"Well, why not?"

"One, because I'm you're father. Two, I can shoot you, right now." Lloyd pulls out his gun. (Since, this is 10,000 years into the future where there's primitive techonology only a few people have them)

"Lloyd Lancaster!! That's very rude of you!!" Almei cries, jumping up. Her hands were positioned on her hips in a maternal fashion.

He looks up in her direction. You can't see it, but you can tell he's got a little smile on his face, "He knows I'm only fooling around."

"Even so, it's quite upsetting." She argues, frowning slightly.

He looks at her again, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

"Oh, you're good..." She says smiling.

Vincent rolls his eyes, "Uh... Oh! So, anyway... I'm Vincent What's your name?" He grins slyly.