you put me in a box
you label me and everyone else
god forbidden if
we don't like our box
or if we try to break out
or if we switch boxes
from day to day

it would threaten you
wouldn't it?
it would undermine your security
and your authority
if I refused to let you box me in
if I chose to be different
to just be who I wanted to be

if I fought you off
and refused to let you lock me in
one single box
if I chose to just do what I want
and never sit in one box
what would you do?
could you even function?

would you know what to do
with some one who refused
to let you rule them and their lives?
would your life end if we all revolted
and tore up these stupid boxes?
how would you control us
and run us then?

I cannot tear up these boxes
Not all on my own
and I cannot change the world
single handedly
but I will refuse
to sit here quietly in my box
while you run the world

I fight you until the death
before I will stay in a box
I will scream and yell
and make my voice known
because these boxes only contain us
if we let you win
and I will never let you win