Never Enough

"You fucking bastard…Let go of me!"

"As I've told you several times, my pet… I'll never let you go. You belong to me."

I couldn't disagree with him. Everything he said was true; even as he held his death grip on the hands bound behind my back, the sickly sweet voice at my ear could not be denied. It wasn't as if this was anything new to me, yet my body was programmed to resist him. I loved and hated everything about him, and it was paralyzing.


He did it again. Every time he says my name in that disgustingly wonderful tone, my knees buckle. I hate my name. It's so…

"Damn you," I breathed.

"Come, Veru, say my name…pretty please?"

I can't stand that stupid nickname!

"Shut up…" I could feel his hands snaking through my arms and around my waist, squeezing my abdomen until his chest was pulled painfully against my back.

"Say it."

"Nnh… Ev… evan..nh…" I hate you.

"Good boy." I felt his lips against my neck, and I shuddered. I could almost sense him grinning as he left a trail of kisses over my shoulder. You see, I was wearing a shirt, but it was far too baggy and could not stay on both shoulders without falling off.

As soon as I could finally breathe, I was shoved back against the wall, nearly crushing my hands. He forced me to look at him, and immediately I was hypnotized. His eyes were like a pool of green that burned into your soul…

"Stop…staring…at me…" I mumbled, unable to look away.

"But you have such lovely eyes…" He lifted one razor-like nail to caress the side of my face. (And my eyes were not lovely; they were nothing but black.) "And such fine hair…" His fingers tangled in said hair, which was rather long, as dark as my "lovely" eyes, and tied in an unkempt ponytail. It seemed bland compared to his soft pale locks… "It's a shame, really… that such beauty is wasted on an elf."

I glared daggers at him. It was because of our petty differences that I was in his control. I never learned the true reason behind the war of our clans, but somehow the humans had always had the advantage. "So because I have these stupid ears, and you're taller than me, that somehow gives you the right to abuse me like this?"

I knew he wasn't happy with my tone when his hand made sharp contact with my cheek. "Never speak to your master that way," he hissed.

"F-forgive me…" I couldn't help but whimper. His eyes seemed to soften a bit.

"That's more like it." His lips were so close… Please don't kiss me…

He kissed me. It was so perfect that everything else seemed to melt away…

Until I remembered that he was my enemy, and bit his tongue. Rather hard.

"Aagh!" He jumped backwards a few feet, grabbing his mouth. At that moment I mentally slapped myself. Now he would make it a million times harder than it already was, and I knew he'd enjoy it. "Ah, Veru… such a naughty boy." His pale lips curled in such a devious smirk that I felt something pull at my heartstrings. His eyes were glazed with a lust I had never seen in him before.

"God Evan, just rape me now why don't you," I muttered in a volume I assumed he couldn't hear.

"Ohh, but can't we play a little game first?" he cooed. I sweatdropped.

"You'll never change…" I leaned wearily against an elaborately carved bedpost. "You'll always be a conniving, selfish, corrupt bastard…"

He sighed theatrically. "Will you ever shut up?"

"I'm your fucking prisoner. I'm always locked in your room so you can have your way with me every fucking night, while my family is probably being subject to slavery because of your fucking father, and you expect me to shut-"

He had somehow managed to maneuver his way over to me again, and was now holding me silent with another kiss. I moaned in anxiety against the lips that seemed glued to my own, sending black eyes rolling toward the ceiling. But there was something about that kiss that seemed different than those of past battles, when he would hungrily attack my mouth and force me to give in. His movements seemed almost…gentle. Rather than shoving his tongue down my throat, he was massaging my lips with his own, and at that moment I felt my entire body stiffen. I was confused, yet I couldn't seem to protest as I usually did. I looked back down at him as he sucked at my bottom lip, feeling a wandering hand beneath the back of my shirt. I couldn't help but give in to what may not last, as I let my eyes close at the sensation. I would have kissed him in return, but he pulled away from my mouth with a slick sound, breathing slowly as if he were on a respiratory machine. I stood there with my eyes closed from the blissful tingle he left me with, moaning like a puppy that had just lost his favorite toy.

"Your blatant disregard for polite language causes one to regard you with less than average intelligence."

"Hn?" I opened my eyes to see him smirking at me, having already lost that sensitive air I assumed would last longer than 2 minutes.

"People will think you're stupid if you swear the way you do."

I frowned at him. "Whatever… Why did you kiss me that way?"

"Why did I kiss you in what way?"

"You know, it was…nice…" I almost groaned at the thought of Evan being nice. "I mean, it wasn't like you were trying to eat my face off or anything…"

"Ah…" He leaned his forehead against mine and smiled, startling me for a moment. "It's all part of my game, you see…"

"What g-ahh!"

With a forceful shove I landed face-first on the bed, growling into the dark satin sheets. "What the fuck…oof!"

The little bastard decided to jump on me, and I immediately felt sympathy for old men with bad backs. He often reminded me of a very evil child… Well, a very horny evil child. It wasn't as if we were that far from being children anyway… After all, I was 17 and he was just nearing age 20.

"Damn it you stupid human, get off me…"

"Honestly, you come up with the worst insults. I pity you."

This situation was becoming rather comical. As many times as he's done this to me, it always feels like the first time.

"You're crushing my spine," I groaned.

"Just give up already…"

I felt his weight leave thankfully for a moment, before he turned me over and straddled my hips. I sighed heavily.

"Now you're crushing my hands… Won't you untie me?"

"So you can escape? Never!" He gave a bark-like evil laugh like you see in those old cheesy horror flicks. Now I was just becoming agitated.

"Could you at least stop acting retarded?"

His glare immediately shut me up. There was something in those emerald orbs that held me frozen. I could've been trapped there for an eternity…

"I have been very lenient with you so far, pet. I would recommend you hold your tongue…"

I mentally shrank into the bed, almost cowering before him. I would never admit it, but as tough as I tried to act sometimes, I was nothing more than a weak, timid fool. I knew my mistakes, but could not face them. It's no surprise I grew to hate myself…

He smiled only slightly. "Don't look so frightened. I like some challenge, you know. It's less fun when you don't put up a fight."

"Oh, help," I said sarcastically. "A big doofus is sitting on me. Oh help. I am so afraid. He's squishing my liver. Oh dear. Someone take this creature away before I'm blinded by his giant ego."

His lips twitched in amusement, and I knew he was fighting a grin or even a laugh somewhere in there. What he didn't realize was that I was really trying to delay his more…intimate forms of torture.

"Excuse me, I am not a doofus."

I decided not to retort this time, but I really wouldn't have had time to anyway. His hands distracted me again; this time they were slowly pushing up the hem of my shirt, gradually exposing my stomach. But it wasn't just the speed, it was the way he did it; I could feel all ten of his sharp-clawed fingers drawing their faint imaginary lines over my skin. Luckily that area wasn't my most ticklish spot. I closed my eyes, forcing myself to stay calm. He seemed to pause for a moment, contemplating his next move.

His fingers were soon replaced by those tender lips I secretly wanted to taste, and I had to fight off a childish squeak at the sensation. Concentrate on your hands, I thought. Focus on the pain… But he was slipping so low now, it was really a test of willpower. By the time his mouth was at the waistband of my trousers, I was writhing.


I managed to get out one word, but it was useless. He dared to let his tongue slip out, and I gasped as it drew up to my navel.


"Already yelling my name? That was awfully fast…"

I growled, which unfortunately only increased his arousal. And given the exact position he was sitting in, well… I think you get the idea. I winced, forcing myself to focus on the sharp twinge of pain around my wrists. I was glad he wasn't aware of my scheme as of yet, though I'm not sure if he could've come up with a better way to restrain me. For some reason I was blind to the fact that he was removing his shirt, even with those stunning abs in front of me. I was fairly certain my numb hands were going to fall off soon…

"Look at me, Veru."


"Stop staring off into space like the mongrel you are. Look at me."

I did. The expression on his features was difficult to read. Behind the obvious lust was something deeper, something I had never seen. It was as if those green sparks were hiding the emotion he never wanted to escape. I gazed at him in confusion, until finally I felt his breath upon my lips once more.

I wanted so badly then to let my hands tangle in his golden hair, to feel his tongue thoroughly searching every crevice of my mouth until I was left with no air in my lungs. I knew that it was only physical desire, that I could never feel anything more than hatred toward him. But his lips were unmoving, torturously, as all I could do was let my vision become clouded. It was if I could feel him, though he wasn't really there. Everything had become so strange now, I felt lost and mindless.

"Kiss me, idiot," I whispered, somewhat surprised by the words I was forming without logical thought. "Just get it over with and end my suffering."

This seemed to be enough to bring him out of his daze, as he forced his lips upon my own for the third time that night. I closed my eyes at the bitterness in his kiss, letting my natural reactions take over. Just the way I had wanted to do to him, he was grabbing at random strands of my hair and tasting me with an almost insane degree of passion. The bubble of air in my throat was converted into a moan as my hips jerked involuntarily. My blood was on fire and my spine felt like whispers of ice. I had flipped his switch and there was no stopping him now.

It's funny; I can't even remember the brief moment he took to remove the rest of our clothes. Everything had blurred by that point, merging into screams and jerky movements and hands…everywhere. Stroking my erection, clawing at my chest, grabbing the bed for whatever support he could find as he rocked into me, over and over. My head was screaming, but if he had ever taken the time to look into my eyes, he would see blankness. I felt like nothing more than a gray cloud. This was a skill I had learned over time, blocking out the pain with empty thoughts.

My lungs were fighting for oxygen by the time he rolled off me, still recovering from his explosion. It was with great relief when I finally felt him undo the bonds of my hands. But as the blood began circulating through my fingers once again, I heard a soft hitch in breath…

He was crying.

This man who had been the source of my torment, my suffering for nearly 2 years now, was weeping like a young woman. I was truly at a loss for words.


He sniffed, refusing to show his face. I sighed.

"Evan, please stop. You're freaking me out." He was.

"Why…" His voice was so quiet that I had to strain to hear him. "Why don't you… love me?"

I nearly fell over in shock.


"All this time, I thought I could be happy with you as my…"

"Bedslave." It wasn't a suggestion, it was a fact.

"…but I realized…it would never be enough. All these empty feelings…"

"You're such an idiot!!" I didn't mean to yell at him, but I couldn't help it. His twisted mindset was pretty stupid. "If you want someone to love you, you don't rape them every chance you get!!"

He sighed, whether out of sadness or frustration I couldn't tell. "You don't understand… You were originally meant to be my slave, yes, but over time I fell in love with you… I don't fucking know how, it just happened." It was starting to make sense why he had become so gentle lately.

"Are you serious?" I was almost laughing now.

He finally turned to look at me, no longer sobbing. "So you've never felt anything at all?"

"Well I'll admit, you are attractive, and rather intelligent when you think with your brain. But I don't love you…"

There was something in his eyes that told me, You will soon.

The End…?

A/N: This ended up being more complicated than I intended. If I get enough reviews I may continue it.