Though I try to hold on

The hurting inside continue on

Tears keep from falling

The pain seems to be growing

How could I ever resist your smile?

Whenever I see it, sky wasn't a mile

The sparkle in your eyes

That makes me frozen as an ice

My heart beats so fast

Whenever I see you at last

It's like time is so slow

So don't ever go

But since the day she came

I felt lonely and ashamed

For you love her more than me

Since then it's only her that you can see

Now she is the apple of your eye

I felt like I'm going to die

Seeing you fell into her

Making me feel that life is bitter

Still I kept you in my heart

Even though it's thorn apart

Still I can't understand

Why you let go of my hand

So sad I felt like you're not aware

Leaving me in despair

I can't eat, I can't sleep

You pierced my heart so deep

You may have your reasons

You make your own decisions

Loving her more than me

Is breaking my heart into three

Now having you is a dream

In the night so dim

It may took awhile for a heart to mend

But loving you has come to end.