Cancel the Plea

Someone isn't here,

Empty sounds echo and contort,

Leaving the feeling of hate,

An ominous evil,

Waiting to awake.

All you hold dear will fall and break,

Ancient shards reminisce of a time past,

Unbroken is impossible,


Pain is just another word sliding between invisible and reality.

Just ask what exists.

A coffin flies on forsaken wings.

Sun dilutes the plague,

Of fabricated light,

That like the dawn,

Breaks inevitably,

Pieces falling in a void orange ocean.

The coffin lands, retracting wings,

Dusk and red fog seeping from beneath the worn lid.

Desperate exists beyond the grave,

Inside the light that spills from desolate eyes.

Starkness hold a piece in us all...

Rampantly brought forth from the tomb.

Words hiss from invisible lips,

Dying the sky to a deep violet.

A depression grabs your soul,

Holding tight,

No hope shining from the gravestones,

As concrete cherubs take flight,

Ungodliness has yet to stain the clouds...

But they will not wait for the climax,

It will only stain their place with the angels.

Purple blood seeps from the gravestones and crypts,

The smell so rancid...

So alluring...

The words,

There again,

Whispered from nonexistent lips,


Now wakeful...

Now living...

The language so old.

Don't blink...

Insanity would snatch you in a second.

The curses,

The curses,

They would damn you,

Damn the world,

Striking at the gravestone cherubs.

Acid pools seeping up from the earth...


More screams,

Ready to penetrate the empty sky.

But no one is there to scream.

Only you,

In your loneliness,

During this disarray beyond those who surround you...

Those who are never there.

A woman appears,

Seductive and lithe,

Eyes glowing both black and red.

She lunges at you before you can scream...

Before you can run...

Before you can weep...

The starkness consumes you,

With the pain in your neck,

Your blood spilling out,


You leave this world...

As alone...

Threats scream at you.