Chapter 4

Once there Ben looked around and found her sitting in the corner booth where they had always tried to sit. Walking calmly and cautiously over to the booth he noticed her look up at him nervously before replacing her gaze on the cold glass window next to her.

After sitting with her for a few moments with no response forth coming from her he quietly questioned her, earning her gaze on him. "What was so important that you had to tell me in person?" He asked softly.

One…two heartbeats passed before she blurted her response. "I'm in love with you." She said sincerely. When he did not speak she turned to him on the wrap around bench and took his face into her hands.

It felt so good to be held by someone who did not fear him that he could not pull away from her.

When he did not pull away from her she leaned forward and tentatively brushed her lips against his before leaning back to study his expression. Seeing clearly that he did not hate her for her action she leaned forward again to repeat it. This time he anticipated the move and drew her close. Kissing her full on the mouth. Her kiss was so innocent that he could not help but feel possessive of her. His tongue caressed her lips gently and she opened for him.

When his tongue slipped slowly into her mouth she moaned quietly and grabbed for him for support. It was her low moan and need to hold him that woke him from this beautiful dream and he shoved her away from him, remembering what he was.

When she looked up at him questioningly he said simply. "I don't love you and you're a fool for loving me. Doing this with me…" he waved his hand to imply he meant the kiss, "could turn a saint into a foul whore. You are my saint. Stay that way."

Tears spilled over her cheeks and he cursed, against his better judgment reaching for her but she only pulled away and slid around the bench on the booth. "Dani…" he called but it was no use as she ran out the door to go home, leaving him to contemplate the hurt he felt. Hurt for him and hurt for her.