That noise

Breaks ear drums

That humming

Kills me

And your words

Floating in empty space

Drifting away

Toward me

I'm so goddamn scared

But it doesn't matter

All that I care about

Is saving you

Tell me

Are you drowning?

Was it me that pushed you under?

Glassy smile

Eyes glazed over

Like marbles glistening

Are you there?

Can you hear me?

And I've reached for you

So many times

But you never seem to

Find my hand

In the darkness

Which engulfs you

I need to hear the truth

written, carved

paper, bark

I need to see the words

That spell out

How you really feel

And maybe

I mean absolutely nothing

To you

Just a lifeboat out in the storm

Looking for someone

Who no longer needs my help


But maybe not

If I could quiet

The thunder

I would

There's so much I don't know

So much you won't reveal

Those whispered secrets

That we never shared

Now these drilled holes

Where I had no one to confide in

are tearing me down

ripping me apart

I thought I was strong

I guess not

I'm wrong once again

And I hate myself for letting

You fade into the distance

Until you're almost gone

And I have to squint to see you

You're a sparkle on the horizon

Of this bleak reality

I'm so sorry

That I can't be exactly who you want me to be.

But I just want you to know

If you need me

I'm here