Chapter 1: Stalker

This is my new story I've been promising you guys. I might just post all the chapters I have up, cause I have it here in front of me in paper. Thanks again to those who have read my previous story (I forgot what it's called).

Seriously, I am one weird kid. Not really. I lead a very normal life, but sometimes I think there's something wrong with my nervous system. Whenever my month's crush refused me, I don't feel any pain or hurt for a week. Everyone thought I was never affected by the refusal. But I was. After one whole week, I start crying at night and swearing that I was going to be a lesbian. I never accomplished that. I feeling always went as quickly as it came. Then I fell for my next month's victim the next day. I know. I'm cruel to myself.

One day, while I was walking down a lonely hallway, Darien Reenan, one of the annoying guys in my class I barely talk to, came up to me and said quietly into my ear,

"You're being followed."

"Yeah, you are."

"No. Someone else."

I whipped around to see…a long quiet corridor. It was so quiet, I could hear myself breathe.

"I…don't see anyone." I stated quietly.

"You don't. I do." He said, almost as quietly.

"What the-"

My sentence was caught in my throat as he clamped his whole hand on my mouth. His hand tasted of bubble gum, sweat and of his cologne.

Where did the bubble gum come from?

The overwhelming smell of masculinity and simple bubble gum stunned me momentarily and left me quite dizzy. But soon, I regained full consciousness and shot him a ferocious glare.

He noticed but he didn't seem to care.

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