As Dexog took in his surroundings, he began to think that the car he jumped into was meant for luggage. This was confirmed a moment latter when the door opened and his chained box flew in.

"I was kinda worried about that thing. It tends to cause trouble when I'm not around." Grabbing the box, Dexog noticed the two men who were piling in luggage at the same time they noticed him. Dex just looked at them, put a finger to his lips, "Shhhh. Guild business, inspector. Tell no one."

The two men merely nodded and continued their work, while Dexog sat back down next to Cervantez. "This is one of the best ways I know to travel. Not as fast as an equine at full gallop, but it can sustain the speed. Besides, the damn animals don't like me anyway. Don't know why..." Dexog continued to ramble on for a time before Cervantez realized that the younger man was actually talking, nothing important of course, but talking nonetheless.

"Why are you still talking?"

Dexog drastically lowered his voice, "Because if I'm talking, people will assume it's with you, and you can slip into the other cars and tell me what's going on," Dexog's voice resumed to normal volume and continued into a story about a fish he'd caught.

Grumbling, Cervantez made his way towards the end of the car that went to another one, found a door and slipped into a decent passenger car. Cervantez wandered the cars, not really sure what he was looking for, and not for the first time wondered how he got where he is now. He, Cervantez Kerztung Atolm, Heir to the Noble House of Atolm, with the Blood of the Kerztungs and their ancient magicks, was taking orders from a…well not a common boy, certainly not… but not one of noble lineage. It grated him that Dexog didn't even have a last name, let alone a history of nobility, yet Cervantez obeyed the little psycho.

Cervantez walked into the next car, another passenger car, although nicer then the last. Cervantez felt this would have been an acceptable way to travel on the accursed rail, if he didn't know that the use of demology not only burned away the soul but cast you down so that you would suffer eternal agony after death. Dexog would pay for getting him on the rail in the first place, the only uncertainty was whether Cervantez would ever give to him what Dexog so dearly deserved. As much as Cervantez hated and feared the little brat, he also was fairly intrigued by him as well. The first person to ever find the prestigious wizr school unaided, let alone actually break through the defenses and kill the headmaster.

It was only happenstance that Cervantez had been sent to the Headmaster's office in the first place—he never did find out who had ratted him out, not that it matters now—only to have Dexog burst into the very same office on a rampaging equine. The six-legged beast had started destroying everything in sight with little prompting from the rider, who at the time seemed to be trying his damnedest to stay on the beast. After a few moments Dexog got off the mount, killed it and then beheaded the Headmaster in a seemingly single, fluid motion. It would have been a very neat job except that Cervantez had witnessed the act—he didn't doubt for a moment the Dexog would have spared him normally—and the school guardians had heard the commotion and were almost on top of the scoundrel after his target had been removed from office. The only reason Cervantez was alive now was because Dexog said that he had needed a hostage for the time being. Cervantez still shuddered at the memory of the first few days he spent in the company of the unholy terror.

Cervantez quickly moved to the next car, which seemed like a big empty box. Cervantez wondered about the purpose of the empty car until the side door slide open and a group of men walked in. Cervantez panicked for a moment then reached into his robes and pulled out a mirror, which began to glow quiet brightly. Cervantez quickly placed a hand over the mirror blocking out the light, and as he did so, he also vanished from sight. With the advantage on his side, Cervantez decided to get a closer look at the newcomers.

At first a couple of heavy set men came in with heavy looking boxes and set them in the middle or the car, two more smaller men came in with several spears, then two more came with basic travel provisions, enough for a handful of people. If Cervantez had any doubts that these were the ones he spied on earlier they were dispelled at the sight of the one-winged avus.

With the winged man was also a rather eldritch-looking, old man; this man was an oddity in the group for both his age and his lack of sight. Even at a distance Cervantez could tell the man was blind, people who can see tend to have eyes in their sockets. Despite the glaring handicap, the old man seemed to be making his way rather deftly. With a hand single Hwuur had the men close the side doors, and then opened one of the boxes.

"Are you sure that I can be restored through this…procedure?" Hwuur's voice was filled with nervousness and worry. He seemed to be even more put on edge as the old man spoke.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. Hell, I could even do this blindfolded!" The old man started making a sound that Cervantez at first took for a death rattle, but was in fact the laughter of the odd man. Hwuur pulled something out of the box he had opened; the object was very well polished and reflected even the dim light of the closed car, it seemed to be a mass of metal rods and sticks folded upon itself. Cervantez couldn't even create the faintest of ideas of what it could be. With the object out of the box, Hwuur moved the boxes together and lay down on his stomach, exposing a bare back to which the elderly man lifted the strange object beside.

Cervantez could instantly tell that he didn't want to see what would happen next, and bolted as quickly and quietly from the car as he could, releasing the illusion that held him transparent while he was in the car just before the one Dexog was in. taking a minute to calm himself down, and began thinking to himself, 'After all, can't reveal all my secrets, and if I keep the last one, I might actually be free of that little bastard.' Cervantez didn't really hold any hope that Dexog would be killed, but it would be lovely if it happened all the same.