I looked into his royal blue eyes but he wouldn't look into mine. He was looking up at the midnight sky, with twinkling starts and a bright moon right in the middle. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. I looked at the strands that ran through my fingers, black with no traces of any color. I thought how many people thought I dyed my hair but I never have and never will. I scolded myself mentally. Here my boyfriend of four months had woken me up at midnight, to look at the stars. A lot would say that's romantic but I knew Noel, he didn't do romantic. His idea of romantic is a stroll through the park when it was raining and that was only because he needed me to help catch his dog who had gotten loose and ran off.

Yeah, real romantic.

"Noel… just get it over with…" I said with a sigh, plopping down heavily on the plastic swing. The set protested my weight by creaking loudly when I moved on the swing. As if I didn't think I was heavy enough, now this stupid swing set is going against me.

"Get what over exactly?" Noel said, sounding defensive. I looked over at him with a peering look, or a look I hoped was peering because, after all, he had just waken me up in the middle of the night to most likely break up with me. I wasn't happy, not at all but I was more tired then anything. Taking care of a two year old, trying to finish up the last year of 10th grade and having a job will do that to you. No, the two year old isn't mine either, its my step moms but she's a nurse so its not like she can do much.

"I don't know Noel why don't you tell me why exactly you pulled me out of bed at midnight when you know I haven't had much sleep!" I was on the point of yelling at him but my voice only went up a notch. I didn't yell very often, well when I'm serious anyways. When I'm serious I usually try to stay very calm, I don't like not having control of the situation. "If you want to break up with me, just say it." I said in my all-too-calmly voice.

"See, that's the problem with you Willow! Always just so calm, so serious, ALWAYS in control! Don't you ever just want to break out? Freak out once and a while will you! Your 16 not 61!" Noel yelled down at me. I looked up at him from my spot on the swing.

"Why does it matter?" I asked, frowning. What was his point? So I was responsible, oh well!

"Never mind Willow, never mind. But your right, I do want to break up with you." He walked off then and I knew that was the end of our friendship. I sighed and leaned slightly to my left of the swing.

"Wow, that was harsh." I held in a growl as I looked over towards the fence. Just who I didn't need at this moment. Bright emerald eyes sparkled mischievously in the light of the moon. Shaggy brown hair being blown around by the slight breeze.

"What do you want Roy?" I asked in slight disgust. There was only one thing I didn't like about living where I did and I was looking at him right now. Lucas Roy, trouble maker, all around bad boy whatever you want to call him. All I knew is that I did not want to be talking to him right at this instant. Actually, it would be quite good if he never talked to me.

"I'm here to solve all your problems and make all your dreams come true." Lucas stated with his all too famous smirk plastered on his face. He hoped over the fence and sat heavily down on the swing next to mine. I looked at him in pure astonishment.

Lucas's Pov

I looked at her, my smirk still on present on my face as she gave me this 'what the hell?' look. I don't know what it was that exactly attracted me to Willow Heartson, ok maybe attract is not exactly the right word to use but after all it IS midnight and I've had a few beers. Usually I just tortured her, ever since she moved here that's what I've been doing. She wore her hair in this tight ass bun and I'd always pull it out, making her curly black hair fall into her rounded face. She was very pretty, no use arguing with that she was just so… so… stiff. She never acted her age, never. Ok, once and that was hot. It was at a party back in middle school where everyone was getting drunk and/or high. I guess someone must have spiked her drink because the next thing I know, she's on the table dancing and strip teasing.

Yet after that she didn't show up at school for a week. I, being her next door neighbor, saw what a horrible mess she was. Her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks pink, her hair a mess, actually she in general was a mess. She looked awful. After that she was even more of a stiff then usual and shut just about everyone out.

But here she was, sitting on a swing looking like a mess and the only thought that could process in foggy mind was 'god does she look beautiful'. Her black hair was being picked up and thrashed around by the wind, falling in her face. Her eyes, which were usually a light gray, were now a light blue. She dressed in a simple black tank top and long dark blue pajama pants with bright neon green furry slippers. I looked back at her face, noticing her lips were moving.

"Huh?" Wow, now Lucas don't getting all big words on her she might become confused. Her eyes narrowed and her face flushed, she was mad. It seemed I was the only person alive that could make her just this damn angry and most of the time I wasn't even trying.

"Your impossible Roy. You smell like beer, your drunk and your giving me odd looks…" She sighed, her frustration still evident on her face. Her hands tightened their hold on the plastic that was holding up the swing so her knuckles turned white. "I'll put this in simple terms so even in your drunken state you can comprehend it." I was just about to protest that I didn't get a word she said when she moved her face closer to mine. I could smell her apple shampoo and the smell of her cat, Simba. Don't ask how I knew the smell of her cat, I guess because it always somehow ended up at my house. "What. Do. You. Want?" I understood that though.

"Didn't I already explain that?" I asked, digging the toe of my sneakers into the dirt. Willow sighed and shook her head.

"First of all, I have no problems and second of all, you could never make any of my dreams come true. Maybe nightmares but never my dreams." She answered, standing up and starting to walk away. I let out a growl but knew what would get her attention.

"Backing down from a problem again, eh?" She spun around, her eyes flashing in rage. If there was one thing I knew about Willow Heartson is that she never backed down from anything. It was just in her nature I guess because her mom was the same way. I really hoped her little brother didn't turn out that way.

"Lucas Roy, I have and never will back down from a problem and you have no right to say such a thing-" I stood up and took a quick step over to her so I was now towering over her, I towered over most people since I stood at a stunning 6'4 but my height sometimes did get me in trouble.

"Miss Willow Heartson, are you saying that you'd like to go to a party with me tomorrow? That would be simply delightful! I'll pick you up a seven." I said with a smirk, walking over to the fence again.

"What are you rambling on about Roy?" I think she had a problem with calling me by my first name because I don't think I've ever heard her say my first name without my last name attached.

"I've just set a problem for you, now solve it." I said, jumping over the fence and heading into my house. Willow Heartson when I'm done with you you'll not be so stiff anymore.

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