My Wings

A solitary maiden knelt by the shore,

Torn by sorrow,

Bludgeoned by war.

The world around her continued to weep,

And she fell into a trance deeper than sleep.

She sang the melodies that came from inside,

Spinning her soul into gentle song.

Not once did she think about pride.

Who and where she was was meaningless,

She followed her inner song, sorrow replaced by bliss.

Her spirit grew wings and she flew,

Across the world only she knew.

The potent soaring of music she found,

Although her feet never left the ground.

But in this world she could not forever stay,

Flying in the music's eternal sway.

She knew her time was going fast,

And she knew this journey could be her last.

Her final mournful note unfurled,

Reluctantly she returned to the cold, harsh world.

Crashing back down to earth was more difficult than before,

For who needs to walk when you can soar.

A/N: This is one of the first half-decent poems I wrote way back in...squints seventh grade. So bear in mind, when I say half-decent I mean this is a not-the-best-poem-I've-ever-written-so-don't-laugh-at-my-sevieness kind of poem. Thank you for your patronage.