Overlooked Majesty

I have been and always will be,

An ardent believer that great beauty lies in simplicity.

Things we were never meant to understand,

The things that are best left unexplained,

What through the years we have left unchanged.

What has always been just there,

And precious few truly care.

Look deep with your heart and you will see,

All the beauty that dwells in simplicity.

All the animal cries that are part of the sounds of night,

That come just before the morning light.

We hear, but not comprehend,

But that's the beauty in the end.

Staring up at the ebony sky,

It is not the same without wondering why.

Something that is there and plain,

Something best left unexplained.

The gentle laughter of the wind,

What a simple smile can mean,

How the summer grass is always green.

The things that none should rearrange,

All that I would never change.

The things we take for granted,

The things that will always be,

Perhaps if we looked deep enough we would truly see,

The overlooked majesty,

The beauty of simplicity.