Changing the Winds

Today I felt like tearing all the old photographs down,

So by the nature of my history I would not be bound.

Today I sat caressing each and every corner of my being,

Never quite believing the turning point I'm seeing.

Today I'm going to lose myself then find myself again,

So I can follow the remote morrow into me again.

Today I decided, after all I'd found,

To pick up my soul again and turn myself around.

Waking After A Dream

I lay in his eyes and try to ignore,

The reality that dream could never be more.

I dream in my sleep, but when I awake,

The longing that I can never forsake.

I'm dowdy and awkward, but that's all the same,

Because he'll never even know my name.

A dream is something that hurts to let go of.

While the cold reality hovers above.

It is all but a bitter laugh,

That we always want what we can never have.