By Any Other Name

Perfect is a whispered lie,

From once upon a lullaby,

But reality had taught me to say goodbye,

To my world of fancy,

My fairy tale of lies.

Perfect is a curse,

Though everything it seems.

Perfect is a deathtrap,

For those who dare to dream.

Perfection is a fantasy,

Spun by hands of visionaries.

An ideal of everyone,

That winds itself undone.

Perfect is my name,

Said behind my back.

Wrapped up like a compliment,

The perfect sneak attack.

Perfect has it flaws you see,

Excruciating it is to be.

And when they see "perfect,"

They think that they see me.

I stripped away the sequins,

Tossed aside the silky shroud my burden be,

And under all that perfect,

I think saw me.