I'm Not Who You Think I Am

Down on bended knee,

Dreaming about the way it used to be,

Wind blowing my vivid hair everywhere,

As I close my eyes and see all the things that used to be there,

When things made sense,

For four friends,

Blown and bound together my the winds of chance,

It was so simple,

Was so pure,

Dancing, laughing, screaming,

One soul in four bodies,

Nothing less,

Nothing more,

Came from all different directions,

God bless the winds that blew us together,

Winds of the four different directions,

But now and they're picking up and changing,

Direction again.

But I was way ahead of the winds.

I'm not the same girl you used to know,

I've been changing with the winds,

I've been flying solo,

And now I know,

What I've been missing out on all along,

I know the girl in the mirror,

Who she is and where she belongs,

She's known it all along,

That smile in the mirror has grown so strong,

You've known that smile all along,

The smile of a girl that you once knew,

Once upon a upon a time,

If you'd just take the time,

To trace that face of a long-lost time,

You'd realize that that smile,

Is the only thing you can say?

Hasn't changed.

I've grown up,

I've got out,

I've found myself,

Do I have to tell you anymore times,

Why don't you get it,

I know who I am,

But do you,

You really you do,

But you don't,

Don't you get it?

Time ran too fast,

And we lived too slow,

And all that's left of those simple days,

Sits and stays in my shoeboxes,

Pictures of some girls,

I used to know,

Where have they gone?

Where did it all go?

When life flew too fast,

And we lived so slow,

Falling under with the world that I used to know,

That used to know me,

That doesn't know me,

That hasn't known me,

Since the winds came and blew all but the mirrors and pictures away,

And I'm not who you think I am,

I'm not who you think I am,

Not who you think I am.