Nobody knows who they are.

They only know what they think,

What they feel,

And what they've done.

They may think they know,

But the hardest question to answer

Is "who are you?"

The answer can be a name,

A feeling,

An ideal,

Where they've been,

Or where they're going.

I am Me.

I am my thoughts,

My ideas,

My dreams.

I am my emotions,

My names,

My life.

Find Me where I'm standing,

Find Me where I've stood.

Find my picture among the rest,

Among the faces in life's test.

Find Me in my hobbies,

My writing,

My drawings,

My collections,

Find Me in my stuff.

I am hidden,

Hidden away in my own mind.

No one can find Me,

No one can see

What it is I'm thinking,

I'm feeling,

What it is I know.

I will stand here,

My arms folded,

Waiting –

Waiting for somebody

To understand,

But nobody truly knows

Who I really am.

I am Me.



And nobody else

Really needs to know.