Time for Change

The time has come.

The bell has tolled.

The stop and hold

Their breath in horror

As the room gets cold.

The spirits of ages

And times long ago

Rise from the depths

Of their despair and woe.

Little by little,

The stories unfold –

The truths of forever –

For them to stow

Far back in their memory

Where they'll never be found.

These are the reasons

We will never know –

Heaven forbid we sever

Our ties with unreality.

What is madness,

What is sanity?

We wobble unwittingly

Between the two.

They let go

Of their chairs

And listen for sound.

The silence is endless,

Is so tightly wound

Around them all

That if one of them speaks,

They shall all fall.

It is the hour of glory,

For them to walk alone.

But, behold,

As the years have shown,

It was never meant to be.

The spirits moan

And disappear

Like footprints in the sand.

Their hearts begin to tear,

But none of them move.

It seems that they

Will always fall prey

To their fear.