i can feel the tears welling up in my eyes,

as your walking away,

and i'm getting that sinking feeling,

the one you get when your hearts about to brake

what was the chance,

that you'd walk into my life,

and smile that smile,

the one that made my stomach jump,

and my heart fall for you

what were the chances,

that i'd be to scared to smile back,

and the old fear of rejection,

would haunt me until i talked to you

because dont you know,

i'm crazy about you,

and you bring out the best in me,

i need you to be here,

i promise you,

i wont be afraid to die,

and i wont be afraid to live,

if you'd be with me

all i need is one more chance,

just give me one more glance,

and i'll give you that smile i've been hiding,

the smile i've been saving,

just for you