today is a sad day
as fickle fate
chooses the string
of my
father's father
there lingers
a large mass
in his aging chest
slowly but surely
stopping the breath
no more air
he will pass
he tells me
the past ten years
have been borrowed time
why can't he
borrow some more?
suddenly I'm crying
for the past
for the present
for the future
I cry for my children
though unborn,
they won't know the man
I know
the man, I loved-
I love
the man, who was-
who is
my father's father
deep now
a mass grows heavy
in my throat
in my heart
do I too
grow such evil?
has it spread to me too?
will I live on borrowed time
and refuse
help from around
and above
breathe through
eat little
waste away
and breathe slowlyuntil I pass
like him before me
like him after me
what plan do
you have in store
for me
I wish not to know
for today is a sad day
and I wish for no more news