As you look at me
with those innocent
baby blue eyes
I cannot help starting to cry

Knowing that this
could be the last time
I peer into
my little girl's eyes

You smile sweetly
and touch my face
and catch my tears
in your tiny little hand

"Don't cry Mommy,"
you whisper
while wrapping your arms
as far around me as they can go

and I pull you close
and I never want to let you go
I know I should be strong
I need to be strong for you

but these tears
refuse to stop flowing
as I realize how untainted
your childhood should have been

and how corrupted
it really was
andit is entirely
my fault

I should have been able
to protect you
and save you
from this pain

but I failed you
and instead
it was you
who was there for me

I wish I could turn back time
to when we were
a happy family
laughing and playing together

but I cannot recapture
those memories
rather I can only
fear the ones he will make

If I cannot save you