I'll keep us nameless, faceless till the end. All you need to know to truly understand our story is that we are in love. It's a fairytale if you wish it to be. We were high school sweethearts of the sweetest kind. We were each others worlds then, and still are. We didn't need other people and still don't. Even when times where the complete worst we had each other to hold, and to care for. When the rest of the world was cruel to us, we only held on tighter and that kept us going. That's what true love is. It's what it always has been and always will be.
Our first kiss was under the stars in the middle of a field in late October. The moon was full, and it illuminated our faces and our hands as we caressed one another. The kiss itself was magic. I had never felt the same about any other human being. I was truly in love. We waited until we graduated high school before we did anything serious. We were both virgins and it stayed that way until we were living together. How amazing it is, to have only one person to be with sexually your entire life. Especially when you feel so strongly about them. It's heaven on Earth.
Can't you imagine how wonderful it would be to find that one special person to always be with? One person that made you feel secure, loved, and cherished. That's how I feel. I'll never be alone. I'll never have to worry about anything as long as I have love. Every night I have arms to fall into and to comfort me. A fairytale, yes? A perfectly wonderful fairytale. How could it be wrong? Because, my friend, no matter how magical our life and no matter how much we love each other, to some people our love isn't, couldn't be true. Some people think that we couldn't possibly be in love or possibly be happy because we are living in sin. We will never have the same rights as everyone else simply because we are the same gender. It doesn't even matter which gender because love surpasses that. Love means so much more than that. The question I'm asking you is now that you know a little more about us, do you still think its a fairytale? Or do you think its disgusting? Did you suddenly change your opinion about how special our love is because we are homosexual? Ask yourself this: How could something that sounded so right, even to you, be so incredibly wrong?

Authors Note: I want opinion on this. I want to hear what you have to say. Flame if you want, I won't even delete them.