I wrap my stupid anger all around me,

with every face of fury,

every piece of pain,

all twined together-

Oh the soft hold it has upon me,

like the unmerciful hand

called my heart,

or the music-

built out of tension,

etched in my body,

like an axe that slays 'till dead

this pitiful, helpless animal-


Yet it's all but a metaphor,

until I twist and tie, shut,

all this anger and fury and pain about me-

Oh the hard squeeze I feel

as my body swells up in anguish.

My face turns to rose,

so the surge of blood

can't drown my brain.

And yet I pull tighter,

As I see them laugh.

And I cry and choke and gag,

and spew blood across the air.

Sliced in half,

breathing was just another addictive trend,

and only now,

a new hope begins.