Closing her eyes
A tear falls
A single tear
Thinking she's alone
She doesn't see
The golden light
The whispered light
Glimmering ever so softly

Closing her eyes
The light shines
The saving light
Thinking she's lost
She doesn't see
The stunning wings
The pure-white wings
Unfolding ever so slowly

Closing her eyes
The wings spread
The graceful wings
Thinking she's helpless
She doesn't see
The gentle eyes
The ethereal eyes
Radiating ever so serenely

Closing her eyes
The eyes watch
The comforting eyes
Thinking she's forlorn
She doesn't see
The divine being
The beautiful being
Saving ever so silently

Closing her eyes
The being whispers
The unearthly being
Thinking she's unredeemable
She doesn't see
The unbreakable hope
The everlasting hope
Glowing ever so strongly

Opening her eyes
The hope shines
The undying hope
Knowing she's home
She finally sees
Her guardian angel
Her savior angel
Smiling ever so devotedly