I walk into the room. My briefcase is swinging by my side. I hate the department sometimes, and I am glad that my work day is over. I was going to call in sick today, but Dammie told me that he wanted some information and he wanted me to bring it to him after work. Usually, I feel a bit bad taking information from the department, it is totally not good in anyone's book. But today, I am not in the mood to care, I have a splitting headache, and I have been feeling something is wrong for days. I am not sure what it is, nothing else has really happened lately that could put me in this kind of mood.

The week has been too long. It seems that everything that could go wrong this week has. I want to quit work, and I know Dammie is not going to like that. Actually we had a fight about it the other day. He is also going through some business trouble, some guy hired him for a hit, and he hasn't paid him yet, and he decided to skip town on top of that. And there are other things going on, but I don't want to think about them, one being I lost my fifth partner this year. I should rather say he decided to transfer to another department, but what the hell do I do that these people hate me. Do I give off some kind of weird vibe? I have just been really really depressed. I reach my hand into my pocket looking for the spare set of keys that I have for Dammie's temp apartment. His permanent home is at the Bellagio, but he likes to have various apartments over town for other things that he may need, also because he likes to have hideouts, in case they are needed.

Damn it, I must have left the keys at my apartment, and it is too late to go back and get them. Because Dammie has a time schedule for everything and he hates it when I am late, or anyone for that matter. I knock on the door.

I hear giggling from the apartment, and suddenly it is open by a woman. 5'3", long blond hair, very slim waist. She stares up at me, I have at least a foot on her. "Hi, can I help you?"

"Looking for Dameon, he asked me to meet him here?" It sounds weird calling him that, but I don't know this woman, and not sure what he has told her. I am not even sure if he is using his real name with her.

"Dammie…" She giggles again. "Oh, he is not here, he went to go get something. Why don't you come in, I am candy, his girlfriend?"

"His girlfriend?" A million thoughts go running through my head, how could she say that. People only refer to themselves as anything to Dameon if he tells them that is what he is.

She giggles. "do you have a hearing problem, yeah, we have been dating for about six months."

"I will stop by again later." I answer, turning and walking away quickly. The sting of the words she said ringing in my ear. Girlfriend…girlfriend…I know Dammie isn't monogamous, but he actually tells people that probably, this is my girlfriend. I am always referred to as an associate of his, I am never given any status. I have known him longer, I have done more stuff for him. It isn't fair. Something crosses my mind that makes me feel a little better. Friday, I will end my life. I can't take this stress anymore. Everything I seem to get involved with goes bad. I need to end my life, I don't need to be here anymore. Let's see how much he doesn't need me then. He probably won't even miss me.