Natalie is an ambitious girl who's dying to study at the high prestige academy she always dreamt of, Louisiana Academy. Her determination to pursue that dream came to a point unbearable for her parents that they abandoned her... (She had sold all the family's heritage jewels and nearly sent her sister off to a syndicate just to have the entrance exam.)

It was her aunt who took care of her and entered her to the school. However, things came to be unlikely for Natalie in school. She had discovered that most wealthy people are indeed arrogant.

Her problem started when she made friends with one of the most famous and influential students of the academy, Shawn. Shawn was a very quiet person and most of the time tends to elude from his own world. Natalie found it easy befriending him. She knows how to mingle with this kind of people (based from past experiences). They became good friends until Natalie developed feelings for him. Shawn had sensed it but quickly ignored it for he has a girlfriend whom he dearly loves. She's Hillary, a girl whom he fought hard for just to win her from his best friend, Andrew.

Having a good start and a hotshot friend in school, Natalie didn't dare shut herself off. Instead, she became big-headed just like those other rich sluts and many people got irritated of her.

However, the fateful day came when one morning, she caught Hillary and Emerile kissing and flirting with other boys in school. Oblivious of some obvious facts (like knowing that Shawn loves Hillary so much and he also had feelings for Emerile long ago), Natalie didn't think twice and confronts the two of them. She argued with them until a commotion erupted.

Hillary and Emerile had never felt a surge of loathe for a person before. Natalie is getting so mean. She had revealed their secret to the public and is now very determined to shame their names. She made an even worse, scandalous act when their boyfriends, Shawn and William came. Shawn and William were shocked and were stuck to the ground when they heard what Natalie said... they can't believe that their girls can do such a thing... but Hillary pleaded Shawn not to believe Natalie, and so does Emerile... they beg them to have trust in them. Natalie became heated with their denial. She started screaming to the boys not to believe them but to no avail. The boys believed their girlfriends. And now, they found themselves cursing her for hurting their most beloved girls. They told her to prepare for the next day which will gonna be a very "sorry" day for her. Natalie seems bewildered with the whirl of events. She just did that because she became emotional with what she saw. All this time, Hillary betrays Shawn. She can't believe that a girl can do that to his boyfriend who loves her so much. For her, everything is wrong. That's not in her dreams of love (a code of love which she believes and follow)... The wheel turned and now she's on the low of it.

Since Shawn and William's group were the most powerful and influential group in the academy, Natalie wasn't surprised next morning to find herself being bullied by most students of the school. Surely, the group has ordered it. Or maybe, some of them were her "secret" adversaries who boldly reveal themselves now that she doesn't hold any protection from the SHAW (pronounced as shö), the name of the damned group. Obviously, all the SHAW were angry at Natalie, especially Andrew, Natalie's long time crush and dream boy, who seems to have feelings for Hillary.


Natalie both like Andrew and Shawn: Andrew, because he's gorgeous and the richest man; Shawn, because he's kind with her (not now).

Oh man! Natalie must be paralyzed now or even be dead if not only for Harry, the last and the playboy member of the group. He stopped the terrible hazing to Natalie because he really pitied her. Harry seems to be really soft hearted when it comes to girls.

The bullies, tortures, intrigues about Natalie continued for a month, hoping that these would make her leave school. But she didn't for she knows how much sacrifice her aunt and uncle made just to get her enter that school. It's a lot of money. But since she had a real ruined school life, she therefore couldn't help but to get ruined grades also. She flunked three major subjects. Not knowing anything that happens to Natalie in school, her uncle became furious with her and scolded her the whole night. Natalie went full and finally started screaming too. This led to a serious argument and made Natalie's aunt abandon her again.