I feel hurt

But nobody seemed to understand

I feel pain

But it's as if they're too dead to realize

That I can feel, but I can't heal

I feel the sorrow

But no one cared and no one was bothered

I feel defeat

But no one heard my cry

That I can feel, but I can't heal

Wish someone could cure this excruciating

Wish someone could fill the space

Wish someone could embrace my heart

That slowly dies coz I'm falling apart

Tears started to fall

Today as I kneel and pray

I tried to calm myself

But I know this is the only way

I whispered all the words

All the words I long to say

This time I won't be alone

Coz I'll eternally drift

This time there won't be any pain

Coz I'll be numb

This time there won't be tears

Coz I'll be cold

Coz this time I'll end this time

Coz this time I'll be forever

A soul only I could remember