The day of the party finally arrived. Melanie came over to Whitney's house early in the afternoon and the two girls started their baking.

"No flour fights this time, Whitney!" Melanie laughed.

"I know, we have to be serious today so we can get everything ready before they get here." Whitney smiled.

"Alright, I'll start the gingersnaps and you put the pizza in." Melanie ordered as she started taking out all the ingredients for her cookies.

"Do you think we can have it all ready in three hours?" Whitney opened the frozen pizza box.

"Sure we can!" Melanie found a wooden spoon and went to work.

"Merry Christmas!" Emily and Katie chimed as Whitney opened the door.

"Merry Christmas!" Whitney replied.

"Is anyone else here?" Emily asked.

Rachel, Jessica, and Melanie appeared behind Whitney and smiled.

"We're all here!" Rachel announced.

"Then let the party begin!" Katie exclaimed.

Whitney led the girls down to the rec. room, which had been thoroughly decorated with Christmas lights, streamers, and balloons.

"What movies are we going to watch?" Jessica asked.

Emily and Rachel were drawn to the plates of cookies, pizza, rice crispy treats, and sodas that had been set up on a table, which had been sprinkled with red and green confetti.

"We were thinking about watching some kind of Christmas movies, but we're not sure what. We have some choices on top of the TV." Melanie said.

"These cookies are so good!" Emily complimented.

"Thanks I made them!" Melanie smiled.

"You know what we should do tonight?" Rachel said suddenly

"What?" Katie asked.

"We should do makeovers!" Rachel exclaimed.

Whitney started to get upset but Katie luckily said something first.

"That's no fun, Rach. Let's play Twister!" Katie looked at Emily and Whitney for help.

"Oh my gosh, that's a great idea Katie!" Whitney quickly agreed. Emily nodded.

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Rachel, I want to do makeovers. They can play a game if they want."

Rachel smiled and pulled her makeup kit out of her overnight bag. Jessica retrieved hers too.

Whitney frowned and looked at Melanie. "You're going to play with us, right Mel?"

Melanie bit her lip. "Umm..."

"Melanie, let me put some makeup on you, please!" Jessica begged.

Whitney gasped. "Melanie, you helped me plan this party!"

Melanie looked back and forth between the two groups of girls. Finally she pulled Whitney aside. "You now I'm your best friend and all Whitney, but Jessica does do really good makeovers and I might never get another chance to put makeup on!"

"Fine, whatever, go with them. I really don't care!" Whitney turned and hurried back to Emily and Katie.

Later that night after Rachel, Jessica, and Melanie had finished messing around with makeup, the six girls bundled up in their sleeping bags and talked...about boys.

"Oh my gosh, Luke is so cute!" Jessica started the conversation.

"So is Erik." Rachel said.

"Okay, Emily, who do you like?" Jessica asked.

Emily blushed. "I don't like anyone, Jess."

"Sure you do, Em." Rachel pressed.

"No, I don't."

"Emily you told me you did!" Katie exclaimed.

"Emily smiled. "I don't want to tell."

"Come on, you have to!" Melanie joined in.

"Fine...I like Joey." Emily answered.

"Joey? Like Joe Laurey?" Rachel squealed.

Jessica laughed and tossed a pillow at Emily.

"Okay, Katie's turn." Emily said.

"You guys, I don't like anyone, honest!" Katie said.

"Promise?" Jessica asked.

"I promise!"

"Alright, Melanie?" Rachel looked at Melanie.

"Well...I don't think I like anyone right now." Melanie shrugged. "Give me some time, I'm sure I will sooner or later."

Jessica seemed satisfied with that answer and turned to Whitney.

"Oh no, you know I don't like anyone!" Whitney said.

"We know. Do you even know any guys yet?" Rachel asked.

Whitney felt offended by the question even though she didn't think she had a reason to be.

"Well yes. There are two boys in my French class, but I never really gave them any thought. Oh except one of them, Nick. He's really annoying because all through class he stares at me and I can't concentrate!" Whitney frowned.

"He stares at you?" Jessica asked.

"Well yea." Whitney suddenly got shy.

"Oh my gosh! Girl you are so clueless!" Rachel exclaimed.

"I am?"

"He obviously likes you." Jessica said.

"He does?"

"Yea, why else would he stare at you?" Emily agreed.

"I thought he just wanted to annoy me." Whitney smiled dumbly.

"Whitney, you need some serious lessons on guys!" Rachel decided.

"Oh and you're the experts to perfect me all of a sudden? This world needs help if you're the best there is when it comes to boys!" Whitney replied sarcastically.

Jessica laughed. "No silly, we can only help you. Not perfect you."

Again Whitney didn't know if she had a reason for feeling hurt.

"So you really think he likes me?" Whitney asked.

"Yes!" Jessica and Rachel answered together.

"So when class starts up again after Christmas, should I get to know him or something?" Whitney asked.

"Definitely!" Katie said.

"You won't regret it, Whitney!" Melanie finally spoke up.

"If you're all sure." Whitney still wasn't completely convinced.

"We're sure." Emily answered for everyone."

"Now that we've got that figured out, let's watch a movie." Melanie exclaimed.