Your words
about him
always about him
but it's the truth
why him
he's mine
you know that
I know that
stay away
you can't have him
he's mine
I'm sorry
I know the past
is always there
and to run will make it chase
He's only been mine for a little time
and in all truth
you've had him more
but I'm so afraid
my feelings
mirror yours
so well
my words
mirror yours
so well
so what's to say
the new 'us'
me and him
will not end
like the old 'us'
you and him
move on move on
empty words
for anyone to murmur
you held his heart
do you still?
When will it be me,
and me alone
and it hurts
to know he is not
only in my mind alone
he is in yours
does his mind wonder
to other than me
does his heart wonder to others
than me
your words
about him
they make me doubt in ways
I cannot describe
my worst fears summed up
so clear
so close
the pain of losing
seems so true
and suddenly I feel wrong
like I took him away
I took your happiness
covers anger
and why
I should not feel this way
but sweet torment
of reading the words
again and again
though I know they are about him
will your words prove a stronger love
does it make your need
more deep
your passion
more alluring
your love
more holding
than mine
will it prevail
over me
and my need?
my passion?
my love?
He is mine
again and again
he is mine
and soon,
the phrase of such strength and truth
is growing tired and weak
and is a mere hope
a mere wish
a whisper in the wind
of broken dreams
and delusions
why are my feelings
so jaded
and considered untrue
simply because I read those words
about him
and assume
they are about
why are your words
ring more true
more pure
when your love have been so tainted
with hate
and anger
Tell me of these things
I hurt and I don't know why
guilt plagues me
for a crime I did not contrive
I did not commit
and yet my heart
dark and heavy with it
with fear
I could blame you
Iwant to
but no
I can't
your heart is just as free to love
as mine
even if
it loves him
as I love him
but remember
he is mine
even if just for this time
wait your turn
and let me be happy
if only for a while
let me feel his kiss
let me feel his embrace
let me be the object of his desire
his lust
his love
and perhaps, our love will stay true
and pure
and happy
he is mine
and your words
are nothing more than words
don't forget
just wait
for now
for a time
he is mine