The screams inside my head repeat, endlessly


It's all my fault, blame me.

I don't care.

Let me fade away.

Laugh even

when you catch

the tears shed for you

on the wind.

I'm sorry, so sorry.

But it doesn't matter,

because no matter what I do

it is my fault.

My problem.


you could all try

to see it from my point of view.

But you never will.

You can't even make an attempt

for me.





Because I rip everything apart,

I've ruined it all.

The diamond of perfection

and balance…

well, I dropped it

it's broken now.

because I'm careless?


Because you tripped me…

sent me careening into space

with nothing to hold on to.

There is no one to talk to

no one cares.

So I'll lift my head high,

pretend that I'm all right

and collapse

on the floor, shattered

and gone.

As who I was

slips out the window

cracked slightly open.

Never to return.

Maybe someday

you'll come back,

pick up the shards

on the carpet.

And try to piece me

back together.

but I'll never be the same