Live by it, dance by it

We forget sometimes how useful it is,

It is in every aspect of us,

Our very being,

Our very soul.

We sing hymns in church

To show how much we love God.

We put on moody CDs,

When we feel we have to die,

And really need to curl up and cry.

We have millions of lyrics in our heads,

At random times they pop into

Our thoughts.

Putting us into different moods,


Sometimes, as we try to remember

Which song that is.

It is the background to our movies,

Reminding us of scenes we took in.

It is the background of out lives,

As we do things,

Firsts that are tuned by soft music,

Dreams that have full orchestras,

Playing that one perfect piece.

Little black streaks on white paper,

That encompass everything.