Her-His-Us Memories

"'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,'©
An odyssey of love in daily life,
Here's words unsaid should have been on the tapes."

25 November 2004
Corpus Christi, Texas

I cannot bear to live with his visions,
He's cut my heart without inhibitions,
And gone beyond all love's prohibitions,
Destroying all my soul's deep ambitions,

¡Remove His memories!

His adoration's sight—all worlds, is mine,
His constancy a meter that I lived,
His gentle caring for my whims so sweet,
His approbation's look cream pearly dreams,

¡Remind Him, . . . memories!

We'd sleep embraced hugging hibernation,
We'd spend so many hours in happy bliss,
We'd find delight in simple dimpled things,
We'd never have to utter any words,

¡Restore Us—memories!

I cannot bear to live without her love,
She's thrown my heart out with a strong cold shove,
Cruel dispersed sacred precious treasure trove,
Destroying all hearth's aroma's sweet cloves,

¡Remove Her memories!

Her hair—¡Orange or green or purple bright!
¡Her witty creativity with mirth!
Her patience brought out my long time lost child,
Her passion filled my moments—ecstasies,

¡Remind Her, . . . memories!

We'd wander for a thousand years not lost,
We'd sweep the sky enthralled of diadems,
We'd make a child endowed with our joy's way,
We'd span eternity's happy eons,

¡Restore Us—memories!

A.N. I've gone back and forth with the imperative hexameters:

¡Remove Her memories!

¡Restore Her, . . . memories!

¡Remind Us—memories!

The point is that the words are pointers, just like the links to our memories;
and, they get jumbled up and mixed and intertwined—the real and desired.
For memory's a fusion of today and past—an overarching rainbow streching from soul to soul.