Last chapter people!

Man did I do good!


A month or so later everything had pretty much returned to normal. Carls cuts and bruises had healed quite nicely. So had mine, thankfully.

It was around then that Carl and I decided to try a second date.

We went out for pizza, then took a ride around town. It wasn't very busy in town, so we decided to wait until night and go on another picnic, this time near a gorgeous lake, where the water seemed to have a life of its own.

I was wearing my long-sleeved aqua chenille top with my grey/black skirt, as well as my leather boots that came up to my knees.

Carl, on the other hand, decided to wear something more simple. He had on semi-baggy jeans with a blue top that set off his eyes with his usual jacket and sneakers.

As I lay on the blanket, feeling the cool grass underneath, I couldn't help but ask,

"So, d'you know what happened to Keith and the others?"

"Yeah, Gary told me that with their statements those guys will be in jail for a long time before someone decides to get their sorry asses out of jail"

"Oh. Ok"

"Are you ok? You seem a little distracted" Carl asked after a few tense moments.

"I'm fine, really" I replied staring up at the crescent moon, one hand on my stomach, the other pressed on my forehead.


"I just wanted to know what happened to those jerks, that's all"

"Jodie" Carl said appearing over my, one arm on either side of my shoulders.

"I'm all right. Really" I said running a hands down my other arm, feeling the soft fabric of my sleeve.

"I know you better than that Jode"

"I know" I said smiling up at him. Carl smiled back.

"Now c'mere and gimme a kiss" With that I grabbed Carl by the shirt collar, pulling him down towards me and kissed him.


Well, its been a year since then, so I'll tell you what happened to everyone.

Heidi is now four months pregnant with Robbie's child. They're gonna get married next month.

Tobie and Jack are still going strong, as well as Ben and Quinn. Not to mention Gigi and her boyfriend, David.

Scott and Georgia had a fight, but, as always, they got back together and are now planning to marry and have lots of kids, since they had a baby girl about a month ago.

Keith, Vinnie, Jason and Davis were bailed out of jail, but got kicked out of Uni instead. Sucked in guys.

As for Carl and me, we couldn't be happier. Our own wedding was a success and we have a little bundle of joy on the way in three months.

So, in the end, everything sorted itself out.

I never expected Carl and I to end up a couple, but of course nothing turns out the way you planned.

Sometimes it turns out better.

I guess you could say I've finally found my soul mate. Carl.

I think everyone in this story has finally found love (besides the four creeps) where they least expected it.

Even me.


There we go! Happy ending! :)